Interview with M.T. Miles

Where do you call home?

I am an Aussie, born in Sydney but living in Brisbane

What is your latest book?

Dislocated Dreams

Can you tell our readers a little about Dislocated Dreams, what inspired you to write this book?

Dislocated Dreams is a dysfunctional erotic romance. The heroine, Claire, seeks to escape her unhappy small town roots. She strikes out on her own to get away from her warring parents. She falls on her feet working for a Realtor who gives her an education in property. When her past again catches up with her she decides to move from the USA to Australia.
The hero, Glen, is a former footballer invalided off the park before his prime. He too carries the scars of an unusual upbringing.
Claire ends up working for a Property Developer. The business goes bust, but her boss, Nathaniel Murray, squirrels away some assets.
When the dust settles, he sets up his own business and employs Claire. There’s chemistry between them but a web of corporate greed holds them apart.
After a chance meeting with Glen, Claire decides that he’s the man for her and sets about snaring him.
Glen is something of closed book and the keeper of a dark secret.
Ultimately, Claire decides that the survival of her marriage requires that she must make her own rules.

When you start writing, do you already have the story fully plotted or do you let the characters dictate what will happen?

Generally, I start with a rough outline of the plot and then I let voices of my characters dictate the details.

What inspired you to write erotic romance? Is this the genre you started writing in?

I have only ever written in the erotic romance genre. It is where I feel at home. Like many writers in that genre I have been inspired by the success of E.L. James and Fifty Shades of Grey. But what I write is nothing like Fifty Shades.

Do you have a favorite character you have written?

In Dislocated Dreams, Claire is my favorite character she is so very complex and what romance writer doesn’t have a soft spot for the heroine?

Who was the toughest character for you to “get right” that you have written so far?

Glen’s mother, Vicki, was the hardest character to write. I am afraid that I don’t have a particularly puritanical mindset.

Do you draw inspiration for your characters from real life?

I think all authors of romantic fiction draw inspiration from real life characters and situations.

Do you have a favorite movie?

My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca. I have a big crush on Ingrid Bergman and who doesn’t love Humphrey Bogart?

Name one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you.

My parents were big fans of Lee Marvin; hence my fist name is Marvin.

Where can readers find you ?

I mostly tend to hang out on twitter: @MtmilesM