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As writers, we’re conditioned early on to shun redundancy at all costs. That’s a good thing: few qualities are more precious for a writer than economy (and I’m saying this as an often notoriously verbose writer; just look at these parentheses!).

Used sparingly and in the right context, though, repetition is a literary device that can make quite the rhetorical effect. Here are a few ideas on how to use it in your own posts.

Play it again (and again, and again) Sam

Repetition, at its most basic level, can involve the planned overuse of a single word. Think Molly Bloom’s famous final soliloquy in James Joyce’s Ulysses, where the character repeats the word “yes” more than 140 times.

One powerful way of using repetition is actually to break the mold at some choice point in your post. Repetition is a great setup for surprises and reversals.

Of course, you don’t…

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