If your Twitter feed isn’t thick with comic writers, artists, and reviewers, you may have missed the tidbit of breaking news from Marvel:

Our favorite Norse God is now a Goddess.

The next storyline of Thor will feature Thor as a woman.

As you might expect, reading the comments on Twitter and on the direct announcement from and on The View somewhat resembled what might happen if someone put snakes on a plane. But as far as my quiet office goes, my unprecedented, loud, and questionably appropriate happy dance didn’t occur until I read the response by Ryan Penagos, Executive Director at Marvel.

Essentially, Marvel just made a God into a Goddess, and then said “Come at me, Bro!”

The last few weeks have lit my Feminist/Comic-ish Twitter/Tumblr feeds up like dazzling rainbow fireworks. After having experienced my first instance of territorial marking after the release of my

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