The release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer has lit up the blogosphere with condemnation and praise.  I haven’t read the books, mostly because descriptions of the plot make my skin crawl.  The individual freedom lover in me would like to find something redeeming about the series’ depiction of sexual pleasure, but the feminist in me just can’t stomach the problematic power dynamic depicted.  Being originally Twilight fan fiction, it isn’t surprising that the books take all the troublesome male/female relations of Twilight and twists them into disturbing new highs (or lows.)  Maybe it’s because I’ve dealt with a negative sexual power dynamic in my life or because I recently disrupted a domestic abuse incident outside my house by calling the police, running outside, and shouting at the fucker to stop hitting his wife.  That wasn’t even the first time I rescued a woman from physical violence.  So…

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