Quoth The Wordsmith

There are a million (if not more) rule books out there for writers. They tell you to do something a certain way to really maximize your writing potential and to boost your career. While I’m certain that many of these guides have a completely honest purpose, many of them do not. Instead, they are made to feed on the wallets of those who don’t know much about writing, but who really want to do it. In fact, I think that you should take any rules you’ve heard about writing and throw them out the window with a quick “farewell”. Some of the most popular include:

Meet a Daily/Weekly/Monthly Word Count

Myths for WritersIf you enjoy doing this, wonderful. If you don’t, avoid forcing yourself. Writing is an art and it should not be squeezed out of you just to meet a word count. When you push yourself too hard, your writing becomes…

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