I heard that the first place I’d worked in Oregon shuttered today the same way we hear everything now: a Facebook post.

A friend was tagged in a dim cell phone shot snapped in the dying Lloyd Center Mall in Portland. Lloyd Center has been dying since I first moved to Portland in 2003. A slow, limping bloodletting that all the new benches and façade-work hasn’t touched. Nordstrom’s has left. The movie theater has left. And today, Frederick’s of Hollywood gave up the ghost.

I applied at Frederick’s because I thought I was a shoo-in. I folded panties and sized bras at Victoria’s Secret during my senior year of high school. The Virgin Who Sold Lingerie. In college, I wanted to step it up. Be more fearless, sexy, interesting. Victoria’s Secret was blushing pinks and crown molding. Frederick’s was cheetah carpet and a shelf of edible massage oil next to…

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