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There is nothing like the scent, feel, visual and overall enjoyment I feel when I am in a book store, especially if it is an independent store, and/or used book store. I love involving myself in the books, and become engrossed.

Here is a link I love, regarding the ten most beautiful books stores in the world.

I love traveling to Portland, OR, and walking into Powell’s book store. What a wonder!

And, how about the New York Public Library, I love to relax within the environment there. I know, it is not a book store, but it is still one of the greatest resources for books, either to borrow or read there.

There is also Strand books, in New York City.

Why not check out “Travel + Leisure” to see their post on America’s Best Bookstores.

Oh, and there is L.A. Weekly’s suggestion of…

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