The party was in full swing when a man in a sport coat walked in and greeted me by name. Everything about his demeanor said, I got an invitation, but I had no idea who he was. I puzzled over him like a difficult equation. After several hours of deliberation, I figured it out. I had hired him the week before.

But it’s not just new hires.

My good friend Liz dressed up for my book launch in goth regalia. I didn’t recognize her.

I saw a colleague through the windshield of his car. I looked. I looked again. Nope. I didn’t know him. Something about the glass rendered him unrecognizable.

It’s a miracle my wife still watches movies with me. We get to the final showdown, and I lean over and whisper,

“Is that the cop?”

“That’s the killer!” she says. “That’s the killer he’s been chasing the

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